A recent article on LifeNews.com about a poll taken by Students for Life of America got me to thinking today. Now I realize that some of you have only been reading my musings for a short period of time, so you may not realize when I begin to think I usually end up in trouble.

The poll shows some pretty interesting numbers, and like all polls these numbers can be interpreted in different ways. The numbers are pretty evenly split on young people who are pro-life and pro-choice. So I was thinking that this could very well be that young people may just be realizing that if their mothers had chosen abortion, they wouldn’t be here right now. image

Don’t get me wrong, we pro-life folks aren’t winning yet, but these poll results should give us some hope. Young people are at least thinking about the issue and are making rational decisions, which is more than I can say I did at that age, but then that’s a post for another time.

One disturbing thing which is pointed out by this poll and mentioned in the article, is the fact that the majority of young people don’t know where to turn when they need help if they want to carry their babies to term. Planned Parenthood is doing an excellent job at spreading their pro-abortion message, our side, not so much.

When asked what resources would compel pregnant women to carry their unintended pregnancies to term, support from families, support from the child’s father, ability to continue to work or go to school, help with child care, information about adoption, and scholarships to help with financial demands were all chosen more than 50% of the time by study respondents.

These figures along with the fact that 58% of young people admitted that they didn’t know where resources where in their community or campus to support a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy who didn’t want an abortion tells us we must do a better job of reaching out to the most vulnerable demographic, college-aged women, and telling them what resources and support structures exist for them and their children. – Life News

We need to do a better job at making sure the young get the resources they need. They need to be educated and shown how they can make it with a baby. We give millions if not billions to Planned Parenthood and it’s affiliates to kill babies but very view on people who are trying to save them. There is something wrong with this picture.

We need to defund Planned Parenthood. Our tax dollars should not be used to pay for murder. If any individual wants to support Planned Parenthood they accept donations, the rest of us should not be forced to support their cause.

We need to educate ourselves and all those around us on what each candidate’s position is on abortion and planned parenthood and vote for the ones, whether it the president, your senator or congressman, who is pro-life and will help defund Planned Parenthood. November isn’t far away folks, the time is now.