Another Attack From the Progressives

I know my usual Sunday posts are mostly non-political and maybe later I’ll write another, but I have to take issue with that bastion of mainstream media ignorance, MSNBC, on a recent story about how the Catholic Church needs to change its position on contraception. 

In a story from Saturday, MSNBC once again attacks the church for not being in touch with modern society. They claim that because of the Catholic Church’s stance on contraception, world population is out of control and it is costing billions of extra dollars for healthcare. Evidently the cost of healthcare is more important than the adherence to church teaching and doctrine.

The UN Population Fund stated in its report The State of World Population 2012 that approximately 222 million women lacked sufficient access to contraceptives. It also found that greater financial investment in providing contraception to those who want it would save nearly $6 billion in health services costs.

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However this isn’t the main reason this story bothers me. Why is it that the secular media can’t leave Catholics alone? Why can’t we believe in what we want to believe? Could it be that they are afraid of the Catholic Church? Could it be that they want to water down our religion to make us not believe so much in God and believe that they know more than God? Could it be that the more people believe in, not only the teachings of the Catholic Church, but any religion who believes in one true God, that the secularists can’t pass their anti-life, anti-moral, agenda?

And as always, they miss one key point any time they attack the Catholic Church and what true Catholics believe. No one is forcing you to be Catholic. If people like Jacqueline Nolley Echegaray of Catholics for Choice don’t like the teachings of the Church, they are free to leave any time they wish. Unlike some other religions no one is holding a gun to their head forcing them to be Catholic. There are thousands of other religions they can follow, they can even start their own as, at least for now this is still a free country.

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