Judge Not

Warning: I am about to go political,

There are so many things wrong with this whole Ferguson mess, I really don’t know where to start. Here are just a few of them in no particular order.

Justice Served (or not): I have to wonder why we even have a justice system in this country when it appears that the rules are now that whenever a criminal jury or a grand jury makes a decision contrary to the one the people believe to be “right” those who believe they have been wronged can now loot and burn at will. Whether or not I agree with the grand jury’s decision, and not I did not use the word verdict as it isn’t a verdict, I applaud them for having the courage to do what they were asked to do, come up with what they believe was the right decision. Even though they more than likely knew the consequences if they didn’t indict Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, they decided they didn’t have enough evidence or clear evidence for an indictment. They weren’t intimidated by those who were calling for justice or else.

Racism (or not): Let’s turn this whole case around. What if this was a black cop shooting a white kid, it happens. Would there be violence, would there be riots? Would it even make the mainstream media news? No. Why? Because for whatever reason, the media isn’t interested in talking about that because it doesn’t fit with their racism narrative, the one that has been fed to them by the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world, where all blacks are held down by the white man. First, I will say that, yes, there is racism in America, and it shouldn’t be tolerated. But when is racism actually racism? Why can’t this be a case where a young man went after police officer like the evidence suggests and the cop felt his or someone else’s life was being threatened? It really does happen where police officers are attacked, and sometimes even killed by unarmed people.

And let’s go back to people like Al Sharpton et. al. Have they really advanced the causes of blacks in America? Do they really think the unemployment rate among young blacks is okay? Do they truly believe that the crime rate among blacks is higher that that of whites is because the white police are just picking on them? When will they address the problem of “black on black” crime and the fat that the murder rate in that group is through the roof? Have you been to Detroit lately?

Fair Media coverage (or not):Then there is the question of whether the media coverage is fair or actually adding fuel to the fire (pun intended). Here is one example: A blog post by Laura Turner. First. let me say that this blog was edited from it’s original publishing. The first line read used the word “murderer” instead of “killer”, why? Could it be that she decided she should tone down the language as murderer is more inciteful than killer? For some reason she also removed a remark in the first paragraph about the murderer walking  away with a large sum of money. But let’s leave that alone, instead let’s look at one more biased statement Ms. Turner makes.

If you haven’t heard by now, black Americans have to go to sleep another night in fear for their lives, reassured that walking in the street may be reason enough to be gunned down by the people who are meant to protect them.

What about all the citizens of Ferguson, white and black, who can’t leave their houses for fear of the mob violence that is now occurring? What about the business owners who have had their businesses (and possibly their lives) destroyed by the mob violence? Why doesn’t Turner talk about them?

Finally, what should we as Christians do? Should we be the “first to mourn” as Turner suggests? Should we ignore the fact that the justice system works as it is intended? Should we believe her when she states that the system is “always broken?” I think not.

Should we work to fix things – absolutely. But let me leave you with this question:Is violence going to fix it or just make it worse? Think about it. More to come…

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