Now more than ever

How many times during your reading of the Bible have you thought about how even though it was written 2,000 or more years ago it is still very relevant to today’s world? Probably it is more relvant now more than ever.

This isn’t the first time I have written about the way we have pushed God from our everyday lives, and I bet it won’t be the last. With that in mind, periodically I look at various chapters or passages in the Bible and see how they relate to today’s world. Now, don’t forget I am not, nor do I pretend to be a biblical scholar, just a frustrated guy trying to understand things.

Today let’s take a look at Psalm 10. I read this last night and immediately it struck me how the first two lines relate so much to today.

1.Why, LORD, do you stand afar and pay no heed in times of trouble?

2. Arrogant scoundrels pursue the poor; they trap them by their cunning schemes.

Doesn’t it seem that God is not paying any attention to all the turmoil going on in the world today? I believe the poor being referred to in this day and age are both the poor in spirit and beleivers who are ridiculed by those non-believers and those with an agenda to remove God even further from our lives than he already is.

3. The wicked even boast of their greed; these robbers curse and scorn the LORD.

4. In their insolence the wicked boast: “God does not care; there is no God.”

The are proud of all the “things” they have acquired, even though they have gotten them without caring about others, without taking care of the poor, without caring who they hurt on the way to the top, all the time not really knowing what the “top” truly is.

5. Yet their affairs always succeed; they ignore your judgment on high; they sneer at all who oppose them.

6. They say in their hearts, “We will never fall; never will we see misfortune.”

7. Their mouths are full of oaths, violence, and lies; discord and evil are under their tongues.

They think because they are successful, they don’t need God, they don’t need to listen to Him, they don’t believe they will ever fail. They will do whatever they need to do to succeed. We who believe give up, we are attacked for our beleifs and crushed and beat down, thinking God really doesn’t care what happens for us.

13. Why should the wicked scorn God, say in their hearts, “God does not care”?

14. But you do see; you take note of misery and sorrow; you take the matter in hand. To you the helpless can entrust their cause; you are the defender of orphans.

Bur God does care and He will take care of those who believe, when we reach the “Top”. The top is the Day of Judgement and and we will either be rewarded, or not. God is watching, He sees what is going on and we can never give up hope, no matter how bad things seem to be.

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