Remember back a few years ago (maybe more than a few) when people were asking the question: What would Jesus do? I don’t seem to hear that very much anymore. Maybe no one really cares.


It’s funny I don’t seem to ask myself that question much either. But it’s not that I don’t care or need to. I realized the other day I just ask it subconsciously. I have read and listened to Jesus and his teachings long enough now I pretty much know what he will say. Not that I know everything, occasionally I still need to ask for his opinion.

A few months ago was one of those times. I had a tough decision to make regarding my job. As much as I loved working where I was, my boss was making me physically sick. I knew it was time to leave. As I have written before, I couldn’t take the gossip, the trash-talking, the swearing, and the general hostile work environment. I went from full time to part-time but it didn’t get better. If anything it was worse. All the good things I did, all the systems I put into place, were slowly being corrupted because the boss didn’t care about them. He didn’t understand them nor did he care to.

What has this got to do with WWJD? I asked myself over the past few months what would Jesus do about this situation. Would he stick around and try to fix things? That was the first thing I tried, for three years. It didn’t change. All I got was an ulcer.

I changed my status from full-time to part-time hoping that would relieve the stress but it didn’t. If anything it worsened because now I was worrying about my financial situation as well. And of course, I asked Jesus for some guidance and I saw an ad the next, applied and had a new full-time job the next day. Once again he answered my prayers.

What would Jesus have done? I think the same as I did. I was patient. I stayed calm (mostly), but when I realized nothing would change I knew it was time to move on. And through it all, I trusted in the Lord. I knew he would have my back.

Now if I could only get others see that talking to God really does work.

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