Two Ways to Fight Planned Parenthood

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I know I have been writing a lot about the latest Planned Parenthood butchery, but I feel it is important. I have been thinking a lot about abortion lately and how wrong it is. I admit at one time I considered myself Pro-Choice, although I never thought abortion was right, but I felt that a woman had the right to do it if she so chose. I don’t feel that way any longer.


How Low Can We Go

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I am so glad to see we have our priorities straight. Finally, there is outrage throughout the world about needless, senseless, and horrible death. The mainstream media has covered this extensively. All the news channels have had their say expressing horror that this could happen. Even late night talk show hosts have broken down on the air over this. More

Time to Stop the Killing

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As much as I don’t like labels, I consider myself a devout Catholic (maybe not as devout as I should be), a Conservative and neither a Republican or a Democrat, since both these parties have been corrupted by money and special interests. I am one of those who believes in fiscal conservatism and believe that any agency that receives government money needs to be held accountable for how they use it. And that leads us right to Planned Parenthood. More

Where is the Bottom

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Here is one from the “How far do we have to fall before we hit bottom” department. In the news this week is a story about a website where married couples can hook up for affairs. It seems that a group of hackers has hijacked all the information and is threatening to release all the information unless the site is taken down. This information includes names, addresses, credit card information, dates, times, places, all kinds of stuff. There are at least 45 million members.  More

The Pursuit of Happiness

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Here is a question for you on this day after Independence Day. How do you define the “Pursuit of Happiness?” What is your definition of happiness? pursuit of happiness More

Do you not care if we perish?

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“Teacher, do you not care if we perish?” This is what the disciples said to Jesus when crossing the sea and a storm began to blow. This is from yesterday’s Gospel reading, Mark 4:35 – 41. Do you ever ask Jesus the same question? “Jesus, don’t you care about me?”


Global Warming and the Pope

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Earlier today Pope Francis released a new encyclical “Laudato si'”Praise Be: On the Care for our Common Home. As with anything the Pope writes or says, there is sure to be a lot of misinterpretation, especially by the mainstream media. Some of the issues in the encyclical are climate change, global warming, fossil fuels and that political bodies need to act to fix the problem.  More

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