I have heard about these allegations before but never really looked into them. The allegations that the Girl Scouts promote some less than desirable causes such as Planned Parenthood. I came across this article on EPCC.org’s website entitled “The Catholic Church and the Girl Scouts: A Scandalous Mess“. In it are some links to information detailing the alleged links between the Girl Scouts and various other organizations. I say “alleged” only because the Girl Scouts disavow any knowledge of these connections. 

Well except for this video I found linked to one of the links in the article.

President of the Girl Scouts on PP link

When you look at the connections listed in the article, and you know about the Secular Progressive agenda, this Wayward Catholic can certainly see why organizations like PP would want to infiltrate the Girl Scouts. As I have written before, it starts with indoctrinating the young. And that is where it has to stop.