Isn’t it great that we live in a free country? We are free to do pretty much whatever we want, things like put up crosses with condoms hanging from them on out front lawns, advertising getting drunk, and well, all kinds of things.Well, it’s free that is unless you are of the Catholic faith then you have a problem. Then you can’t put up an offensive sign on your own property. Especially when it is just so offensive it cause threats of arson to your church and vulgar comments on your church Facebook page.

Are you ready for this offensive comment? Hide the children, here it is:

Pretty bad isn’t? This is the sign which was in front of the St. Francis Xavier 

Catholic Church in Acushnet, MA for a day or so, but it generated so much hate and intolerance from those who claim to be the most tolerant of all, the secualr progressives that the church had to take it down.

There were threats to burn the church down, and then there was this:

“I think it was bigoted … very ignorant,” she said. “You can believe in what you want to believe in, but there’s no reason to shove it down everybody’s throat.” from Kim Miska

How is this sign offensive? How is this sign “shoving it down someone’s throat”? (Good thing I am Catholic or I could say something related to that but then i would lower myself to the level of the left) The Pastor, who I assume decides what is put on the sign, is only relaying the Catholic Church’s teachings. This Wayward Catholic supports this parish and pastor.

This is how we far we have fallen, where those who claim they are the most tolerant to others force those who don’t agree with their views to be silent. They have to threaten violence to get their point across, which should tell you something right their.

Achusnet Church Sign