It’s The Sin, Not The Sinner

In my last post I may have been a little un-Christian. I really need to not let my anger get the best of me as that is exactly what the left wants to do. So pretend yesterday’s post doesn’t exist and let me start fresh.I was writing about the sign which was posted in front of the St. Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier Parish, Acushnet

Catholic Church, the one which read: “Two Men are Friends, Not Spouses”. Evidently there are some people who found this offensive enough that the local police have stationed officers at the church to ward off any potential violence. The pastor has received threats including one which stated the church would be burnt down.

The question I raised yesterday was why is it that the people who always claim to be the most tolerant, are the least tolerant? When anyone disagrees with their position, they begin a campaign of threats, intimidation, and if necessary, violence. Why? If the sign was so offensive then those who find it offensive don’t have to attend the church, either St. Francis or any other. They are free to attend any other religion which preaches the doctrine that fits their particular need. No one is forcing anyone to attend this or any other Catholic Church.

Isn’t it interesting how the left wants to make everyone equal, yet they have to force this equality on others. If you don’t believe in gay marriage, you should be forced to, your opinion should be suppressed and you need to get along. We have seen this with the HHS contraception mandate, we have seen it when our schools are forced to teach subjects some might find morally wrong, we have seen it when we are forced to subsidize health care for those who refuse to take care of themselves. This is the left’s idea of equality.

Why is this sign objectionable? It is only an opinion based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, the same teachings they have been following since, well since creation, homosexuality is wrong, it Is against biblical teaching. As I said above, if you believe otherwise, you can certainly find a religion out there which believes the same as you do. It is funny how every day, those who believe in Christianity and the teaching of the Catholic Church, are “forced”, in the same way those objecting to the sign at St. Francis are “forced”, to look at billboards, signs, television commercials and shows, everyday, yet they don’t threaten to burn down the building. Instead they take more subtle action; they don’t do business with the company who is forcing this upon them.

Finally, those who complain about the Catholic Church and its positions, love to shout how the church hates gays, and how they are conducting a war (another favorite term of the left) against them. What they fail to realize is, it isn’t the person who is committing the sin that the church is against, it is the sin. The Church loves all equally, and welcomes all into the fold. We are all sinners, believe me I have committed my share, yet we are all still welcome in church. God loves us all, it is really that simple.

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