Why Don’t Progressives Like Them Signs

Have you ever wondered why the Progressives are so adamant that there should be no public displays or signs regarding religion or religious views? Why do you think that is? Here is my theory.Yesterday I wrote about the fact it’s not the sinners that the church has a problem with, it’s the sins. I was referring to the recent controversy over a sign outside a church in Fall River, MA which some found offensive. It had to do with gay marriage. I mentioned how the left loves to claim everything is a war, in this case the Catholic Church is at war with gays. (Here is another’s blog post about the War on Gays) And then there is another favorite tactic of the left, trying to convince us that something is in the Bible, which is not, in this case, same-sex marriage. Of course this has been debunked.

Have you noticed how the Progressives love to try to convince us that it is okay to sin? Everything they champion is a sin. Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, masturbation, pornography, are all things which they love to tell us are okay to do, and they are all sins. Sadly they are managing to convince enough people of this and the morality in this country reflects this.

If we post signs which list the ten Commandments or about God or even a religious position as was done in Fall River, they don’t like it .Why?  They don’t want people to be reminded that they are sinning, they don’t want people to remember that God is watching them. If you don’t see the Ten Commandments, if you don’t hear about the Beatitudes, you will forget them. “Out of sight, out of mind”. It doesn’t take long until you don’t look at your sins as sins at all.

The fact that most sins have some pleasurable sensation attached to them doesn’t help matters any. “If it feels good do it” is a motto which goes back to when I was young. And believe me; I lived according to that motto. But then that is for another post on another day. The left wants us all to feel good. They have convinced us that if something feels good it can’t possibly be wrong. Why, they argue, would God make something that feels good a sin? Doesn’t He love us?

When we remove God from our society, when we convince people that God is not the answer, that the Government knows what is best for us and not God, we might as well pack it in. This is the agenda of the secular progressives. They will never admit to wanting to be God, in fact they will tell you they believe in God, and they probably do, it just isn’t the same God true believers believe in. They will convince you that their version of God is the real one. Once this happens, when they take over religion, when they rewrite the Bible, then they have won. We can’t let that happen.

I wrote an article for a website once and was told not to make references to a certain dictator in a European country in the 1930’s and 40’s because that was in poor taste. But if you read what he did in that country, how he convinced people that his “religion” was the answer, you will see exactly where we are headed in this country. Don’t think it can’t happen here, it already is.

So keep putting up signs expounding your beliefs. Wear your religion on your sleeves. Don’t be afraid to let people know they are wrong when they say it is okay to sin. And pray. We all have to make a stand. It could already be too late but we can’t give up.

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t Progressives Like Them Signs

  1. SR

    I agree with all you wrote. We need to do it in love, which I fail at a lot!!! So many only care about who is “right” or “wrong” and if one thinks you are wrong then the others are being forced almost to either do what they want us to do, or give it up completely. The word “freedom” is a word I think we are going to use less and less of in the years to come unless we say, “We have no freedom.” Good post. God Bless, SR


    1. I too fail at the love part a lot. It is too easy to get angry, but when we do this we lower ourselves to our opponents level. Although sometimes I think there is no other way. I truly beleive this country is in trouble on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin. Which is one reason I have begun to find my way back to the Catholic Church after a too long absence.


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