Religious Liberty and Secular Thinking

Thursday begins the “Fortnight for Freedom” which is a two week event organized to spread information on the threat to our religious liberty through prayer, catechesis and public action.  It is being organized by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Of course the secular media is claiming it is all about politics – is it?

Depending on your definition of politics, everything is political. This is no different,but it isn’t partisan politics like the left would you like you to believe. The Bishop’s only concern in this is it infringes on every citizens religious freedom, whether Catholic, Methodist, Muslim, Baptist and on and on. If we let the government get away with enacting the HHS mandate, what would be next?image

Too often we sit back and think that an issue, whether this or something as innocuous as banning the sale of 32 ounce sodas at the movies, would not be a problem. We love to think it wouldn’t go any further, it is only one small thing. This is exactly the kind of mindset the secular progressives want you to have.

We can use what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 7:3–4 about the “log in your brother’s eye” to illustrate this. The progressives want us to see the log without seeing the splinter. Pretty soon there are enough splinters that they become the log. Each time one freedom is infringed upon or taken away, two things happen:

  • We won’t get it back
  • It can be used as justification for taking away the next one

Eventually there will be none left to take as they are all gone. This is not as far fetched as many are leading us to believe. It has done in the past with disastrous results. And it all started the same way.

This isn’t a Catholic issue, it isn’t about taking away a woman’s right to healthcare or contraception. it isn’t about the Catholic Church wanting to impose its version of the world on everyone. It is strictly about religious freedom.

The First Amendment states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

Forcing the Catholic Church, or any other religious institution to go against their moral conscience is the government forcing their religious beliefs on the church. In this case the governments religion is one of “do whatever you want and we will pay for it”.

Another Amendment which can be called into question as well is the Ninth.

“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Isn’t the government forcing its citizens to purchase something against their will or beliefs deny them the right to free choice?

One thought on “Religious Liberty and Secular Thinking

  1. How does HHS know who are “members” of the Catholic church? Are we not the universal “catholic” church? We don’t check IDs at the door! We should simply declare that if you visit our soup kitchens, hospitals, schools, colleges, whatever, we consider you a member as far as that service goes!

    The US doesn’t even have a list of citizens! The law requires anyone to be treated in emergency rooms regardless of nationality! The US explicitly discourages (refuse to help) states to determine if voters are citizens or not!

    I dare the US government to “define” who is a Catholic! I learned in the 1st grade that only God judges who goes to heaven because only God knows the heart (and the circumstances) of any individual sinner…. and all of us ARE sinners!

    So how can HHS tell who is and who is not a Catholic?

    I’d make NO CHANGES to address the contraceptive ammendment and simply have our lawyers add one checkbox to the admission or employment form for all our charitable service organizations, that box saying “Catholic church is open to all; this application acknowledges that for the purposes of HHS regulations, the church considers you a member, as demonstrated by your participation in the services offered by this institution.”


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