Progressive Logic: It’s For The Children

There is a line in the classic Broadway musical “The Music Man” which sums up the logic of the progressive movement. It is when Professor Harold Hill is trying to convince the townspeople why they need a boy’s band/ “We’ve got to protect the children!”

Once again we are being told about how laws banning sugary drinks are “For the Children”. The fact that this is just another attempt to limit our personal freedom is once again overlooked.

I have written both here and other places about how the Progressives love to take our freedoms  away one by one, a little at a time so we hardly realize it until they are gone. The attack on our religious liberty is a perfect example. Right now we are told this is about a woman’s right to contraception and healthcare, and that the Catholic Church is trying to convert everyone to their beliefs. A recent editorial in the LA Times even tries to convince the readers the HHS mandate has nothing to do with the church, only universities, colleges, hospitals and charities.

The rule applies not to churches but to colleges, hospitals and charities that serve and employ non-Catholics. Even so, the bishops insist that it undermines their church’s religious mission to serve the larger community without compromising its beliefs. – LA Times

In the same editorial the LA Times uses the tried and true left wing tactic of name calling and accusing the bishops of fear mongering.

But some of the church’s rhetoric has been shrill and simplistic. One bishop compared Obama to Hitler and Stalin, who, “at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services and healthcare.”

The thing is, Barack Obama is doing exactly the same things which Hitler and Stalin did, he is suppressing the “Free exercise of religion.” Just like them, Obama is going after the churches first, one at a time. The left doesn’t want to hear that, they choose to ignore history, and they are doomed to repeat it.

Back to the sugary drink ban and Progressive, Liberal logic. The same people who are trying to convince us they are the ones who want to protect our children are the same ones who argue it is okay to legally kill babies everyday. This is perfectly legal and okay, but drinking a soda? Nope, you can’t do that.

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