Evil and the Light

There are many people out there today, two days after the reelection of Barack Obama, who are wondering “What’s next?’ While this is true for many diverse groups, it is especially true for devout Catholics. We can argue over whether the “Five non-negotiables” are really negotiable, whether Mitt Romney being a Mormon hurt him with Catholics and on and on, but face it, we lost.

In an editorial posted online today on the “Our Sunday Visitor” website the editors made this comment:

Our hope is that the president will use his victory as an opportunity to reset the national discussion. Issues like the HHS mandate have provoked a needless battle with the Catholic Church and many other religious organizations. President Obama can signal a desire to unify rather than divide by revoking the mandate, which in turn will allow him to focus on building support for truly important national priorities.

While we can hope that will happen, I feel pretty confident it won’t. The President won’t change his views, in fact there will be more attempts to curtail our religious freedoms as well as others. The President and his advisers believe that their vary narrow “religious exemption” and their “compromise” fixed the problem. They won’t change this belief.

Progressives don’t want people to worship freely. They don’t want God in the public eye. They don’t want morality to be an issue. They will mask it a million ways, but they want God gone. They are succeeding. Tuesday’s election results show this. The whole campaign, from Barack Obama on down to some local races showed us this. When you trot out people who openly speak immorality as part of your campaign message it speaks volumes to those of us who still have some.

But, life goes on. The election is over and we must move forward. We will be in for many battles to come. This is a test of our faith. Will we be able to stand up against these attacks without losing our belief in God and good? Will we be able to change the hearts and minds of the cafeteria Catholics out there, the secular Catholics? I was one of them, and I changed, I opened my heart, we need to do whatever we can to get others to do the same.

I’ll leave you with this from John:

For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may clearly be seen that his deeds have been wrought by God. – John 3: 20 – 21

It is up to us to help people see the light, and expose the deeds of those who hate the light.

Feel free to pass this post along, it is appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Evil and the Light

  1. As always I enjoyed reading your posts. Today I am praying that the answer to all of your questions is, YES! From a conservative pro-life Christian who is so hoping that people can find their way back to the ways of God.


    1. Mary, Thanks for the comment. I am beginning to think the only way to save this country is to bring people back to God. There are times when I say that, having been one who was far from Him, I can’t believe I am saying it, but it’s true. All politicians are the same, corrupted by the system, so there is only one way.


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