What’s In It For Me

In my last two posts I bemoaned the results of the presidential elections. My take on the results is that we have become a “What’s in it for me” culture and we vote accordingly, for whoever will give us more, for less.

We have also become a “culture of death”, where many of us no longer believe in the sanctity of life. In my home state of Massachusetts we voted on a ballot question which would have made physician assisted suicide legal. It was narrowly defeated.

Despite the messaging difficulties that life advocates had to overcome, 51% of state voters opposed the ballot initiative and 49% supported it, with 96% of the precincts in Massachusetts reporting.

Two percentages isn’t a lot. I am sure we will see it again, and the next time it will more than likely pass. You can read my opinion on this measure from my other blog “It’s Clear as Mud” if you like. So what does this tell us?

More and more people are falling into the what I’ll call the “Grey Area” trap, where when it comes to morality, what used to be black and white is now grey. They have begun to rationalize moral issues based on some arbitrary set of rules. It is not okay to rob someone unless you are starving and need the money to eat. It is not okay to kill someone unless they are sick and are no longer useful to society. It not okay to kill a child because they won’t stop crying but it is okay to kill one you don’t want.

From I am Pro Life

Unfortunately, especially for those of us who don’t follow this philosophy, we are up against this kind of mentality, the “What’s in it for me”. How can we change this? What can we do?

The answer isn’t going to be simple, and it certainly isn’t going to be easy. We are fighting 100 years of progressive thinking, trying to reverse 100 years of them trying to take God and morality from our daily lives. They are succeeding. If we are to reverse the direction this country is going, we need to fight these efforts. We need to point out that there aren’t any “grey” areas when it comes to morality.

We will reach a point in this country where people will see this. When we become depraved enough, when the class warfare reaches new heights and when people realize that the Government isn’t the answer, but the cause of these problems, they will turn to the one who always has our back. That one is God.

Until such time, we need to not give up trying to reverse this trend. We need to spread the Word of God through any means possible. We need to let the light shine through the darkness, into the hearts and souls of the non-believers and those on the fence. As I write in “The Vine Dresser” we need to nourish the fig tree. Much like the first Christians, the Apostles had to do, so do we.

One soul at a time.

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