The Wonder of it All

I’ve noticed lately that I spend a lot of time looking at things, noticing things more than I used to. This could be because I have more time to do this, or more likely because it is finally spring here in the Northeast, a time for rebirth and renewing. Gee, that sounds like the Resurrections doesn’t it?

Do you take the time to look around you and wonder? Do you wonder at the miracle of life, of nature? I do.

When I first began my journey back to my faith, I questioned whether God was real or not. I th8UN62HB95Fink we all have to admit that some of the arguments presented to us against God’s existence and whether is created the universe can be pretty persuasive. Until you sit and wonder about it.

Look at the whole cycle of life. Look at the beauty of the simple things that surround us. Look at how everything works in harmony with each other. Can this really be a result of “chance”? A result of no planning, just accidents? I find it hard to believe.

Here is an excerpt from another blog about wonder.

Why do we need wonder? Wonder increases our capacity for joy. It connects us more deeply to God. … That is why we have to form a habit of wonder. We will not always have warm fuzzy feelings. Emotions are unreliable and ever shifting. Our faith is rooted in the love and grace of the Blessed Trinity, not our moods. There are days we may “feel” little, but we can still wonder. via Catholicism.

When you take the time to wonder, you begin to realize that this isn’t all chance, there is something else, something responsible for all this. And you can find it everywhere and in everything.

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